In three years our Cubacan 2020 Project supplied equipment, provided training and sourced materials so that Cuba could produce over 15,000 quality wood baseball bats. These bats were made from top quality Canadian Maple, using equipment supplied by Canadians, with donations from as far away as Ireland.

In 2019 we will collect sports equipment suitable for children of all ages.

While our emphasis will be on baseball equipment, we will accept all sports such as soccer, basketball, etc. The equipment will be delivered to the Cuban Ministry of Sport. The equipment will be distributed to Cuban kids where it is needed the most. The more equipment we get, the more kids will benefit.

We believe that there are thousands of unused pieces of sports equipment sitting in homes and in storage across Canada. With help, we will collect these items, send them to Cuba and put them back into the game. With one baseball or one soccer ball, 20 or more kids can get into the game.