Cubacan 6060

Completed December 31, 2020 – more than $33,000 raised to send 600 plus bats to Cuba

Goal: Raise $30,000 minimum by December 31, 2020 to send 600 Canadian made baseball bats to Cuba in support of two Cuban organizations celebrating 60th anniversaries.

In the midst of a global pandemic the United States government and Trump have intensified their attacks on Cuba. Every aspect of Cuba life has been affected, including sport. While the government places all their limited resources on critical items such as food and medicine, every effort is being made to keep baseball alive. This is a great challenge with the loss of so many great players and Trump’s effort stop any support they may get from abroad. We want to show Trump that support for Cuba is alive and well in Canada and around the world.

Who will benefit

There are two important organizations in Cuba that will celebrate their 60th Anniversary in the coming year. In September, the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) and INDER, Ministry of Sport later in the year. (Learn more about these organizations )

The Canadian Network on Cuba (CNC) will join them in their celebrations by supporting their National Sport, baseball. Through donations, CNC will purchase Canadian made Cubacan bats and send them to the Cuban Baseball Federation for the 16 teams in the Cuban National Series. Our minimum target is 600 bats. (Learn more about our Cubacan bats)

In addition, we will be sending 60 commemorative bats for the CDR which will be distributed throughout Cuba in the coming weeks to help celebrate their anniversary and to highlight the importance of sport in Cuba, and in particular baseball.


Cuba’s baseball season will start on September 12th. Regular season will be done around the end of the year, with playoffs in early 2021. There are two critical dates for the project. We would like to have all bats produced and shipped by December 31st. Even more important, we would like to meet or exceed our target of 600 bats by November 3rd so that we can send a clear message to Trump when he loses the election, “Goodbye and Good Riddance.” Let’s just call it a parting gift from Cuba.