Media Release – Campaign Launch

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Media Release – Cubacan/Canadian Network on Cuba

For Immediate Release

September 12, 2020

Canadians Take on Trump”

Baseball season is starting in Cuba, but in his desperate attempt to be re-elected Trumps actions and the global pandemic have made the purchase of the basic tools of Cuba’s national sport – baseball impossible.

In the past 12 months Donald Trump has openly attacked the people of Cuba. In the midst of a global pandemic he continues to tighten the illegal, immoral US blockade against innocent people. Here are a few examples.

  • Shipments of medical supplies have been blocked or cancelled.
  • Remittances to family members in Cuba are almost impossible due to threats from US Treasury Dept. Trump has even stopped Western Union from transferring funds to Cuba from Canada
  • All charter flights between US and Cuba have been stopped.
  • Little Havana coffee wagon in Toronto selling Cuban produced coffee lost $14,000 of transfers from Square Canada, a US affiliate.
  • Amazon was fined $134,000 for selling to members of the Cuban delegation in Washington.
  • After 3 ½ years the GoFundMe account for Cubacan 2020 was closed under threat from the Treasury Department.

Cubacan Bats and the Canadian Network on Cuba (CNC) have joined forces to supply much needed baseball bats to the Cuban Baseball Federation for the National Baseball Series that starts today, September 12

Elizabeth Hill, Co-chair of the Canadian Network on Cuba noted “This is the 60th Anniversary of the Series and a critical period in the preparation of their players for the 2021 Olympics.”

Over one million Canadians visit Cuba each year. Many of us are repeat visitors and have many friends there. Cubacan 6060 will encourage Canadians to “buy a bat for Cuba”, by going to and follow the instructions.

For more information please contact,

Bill Ryan
Cubacan Bats
613 284-0254

Elizabeth Hill
Co-chair, Canadian Network on Cuba
416 654-7105