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  • Canadian Network on Cuba

A Corporation, Business, Organization or Group Sponsor will be largely symbolic as we are not soliciting large sums of money. Support us firstly by endorsing the project and secondly by encouraging staff to participate either as a Cubacan Coach or Cubacan Player. A small cash donation to assist with shipping costs will be appreciated but is not mandatory.

Cubacan Coach

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We are asking our Coaches to approach their community for help collecting the sports equipment. For example, they could ask their church congregation to go home and check their closets. A Cubacan Coach could call the local baseball or soccer league and ask if they have any excess or obsolete equipment. A Coach could contact their local school and help the organize a collection day. There is no limit to the actions that could be undertaken.

Cubacan Player

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The most important part of any team is the player. Our Players will dig in the closet or the garage or the basement and find those treasures that will make some kids happy. All it takes is one bat, one ball or one glove to make a difference.