2020 Project (now ended)

Our Project

A facility in Havana has been producing baseball bats for over 53 years. The equipment they use is very old and in poor condition. The result, the bats are rough and far from todays standards. In December 2015, we agreed to help them improve the quality so that they would meet international standards.

Our 2016 Cubacan Project collected and supplied a package of equipment and tools, which was a good first step in the process. After delivering the equipment in March 2017 and working with them for a week, we now have a better understanding of what they need and what we can do to help.

The Cubacan 2020 Project will focus on some key objectives. Overall, the main objective remains the same, to improve the quality of the bats. The goal of having them approved by the World Baseball Federation now has even greater focus.

Baseball will return to the Olympics after a 12 year absence. Baseball entered the Olympics beginning in 1992, with Cuba taking 3 Gold medals and 2 Silver medals in 5 appearances. Cuba will go to Tokyo in 2020 and we want Cubacan to go with them. Our new goal is to have the bats approved and in the hands of the Cuban players when they step up to the plate in 2020.

To accomplish this, we will focus on obtaining some key pieces of equipment along with basic tools that they will use every day. The main items we hope to source are a minimum of two commercial grade HD lathes and at least one HD table saw. These are lathes and the saw that will stand up to the day to day use by the workers. For an extended list of items go to our website.  http://www.cubacan.org/

To accomplish our goal, we need your help. We need donations of either cash or equipment. We need both individuals and groups to join in the effort. For instructions on how to support Cubacan 2020, visit our website and follow us on Facebook. Come with us to Tokyo and cheer on the team. Step up to the plate with Cubacan.

Cubacan 2020 Wish List

The following is a list of the equipment we are seeking. We provided a description of the major items along with the cost for each. In addition to the major items, we will accept just about any functioning power and hand tools. Everything we collect will be put to use.

2 Commercial Lathes-A good used HD manual lathe will cost about $1,600. Each lathe will be reconditioned and set up with proper lighting and the tools that are needed to make bats. The cost, including getting them to Cuba is $2,500 each.

2 x $2,500

2 Commercial Grade 12” table saws. These saws will have either a 3hp or 5hp electric motor. A 12” blade is the minimum required to cut 3” hardwood. We will include spare belts and 2 blades which cost about $125.00 each. With an initial cost of $1,400 to $1,500, we estimate the total cost will be $2,200 each.

2 X $2,200

3 Medium Grade Lathes. There are 4 shops in Cuba producing bats. While the main shop in Havana processes the wood, Bat makers in three other locations produce bats. We propose to set up a lathe for each shop and have the bat makers come to Havana for training. They will produce a much smaller volume of bats so they don’t require a commercial lathe. A medium grade lathe will coast $600- $800. With setup and shipping we estimate the total cost at $1,400.

3 x $1,400

Safety Equipment- This includes a full range of items to make their job safer.

  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Proper lighting
  • Anti fatigue mats
  • Gloves

Estimate- $250 per shop

4 x $250

Sundry equipment. Every shop could use a full range of basic tools including wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, drills, saws, etc, There is not one tool that wouldn’t be put to use.