About CDR and INDER

Recipients of the baseball bats

CDR – The Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) is the largest mass organization in Cuba. Founded by Fidel on September 28, 1960. It has among its objectives to mobilize all the people in the tasks of defense of the Revolution, through direct work with the people and families of the community. From mass vaccination campaigns against diseases, voluntary blood donations, to supporting electoral processes and disaster responses, the CDRs participate in different spheres of life for Cubans, and represent the vast majority of the population over 14 years of age, who wishes to work for the benefit of the community.

INDER (Ministry of Sport) Sport remains one of the most important parts of life in Cuba, both in terms of physical health and national pride for all the accomplishments their athletes have enjoyed Internationally. Baseball has been, and continues to be the National Sport, the National Pastime and the National Passion of all Cubans.