Cubacan 2020

Status: Completed 2018

Goal: to improve the quality of the baseball bats by providing shop equipment to improve production.

Note: this project built on the previous work in 2015-2017.

Background: A facility in Havana has been producing baseball bats for over 53 years. The equipment they use is very old and in poor condition. The result, the bats are rough and far from today’s standards. In December 2015, we agreed to help them improve the quality so that they would meet international standards.

Our previous 2016 Cubacan Project collected and supplied a package of equipment and tools, which was a good first step in the process. After delivering the equipment in March 2017 and working with them for a week, we now have a better understanding of what they need and what we can do to help.

Baseball will return to the Olympics after a 12 year absence. Baseball entered the Olympics beginning in 1992, with Cuba taking 3 Gold medals and 2 Silver medals in 5 appearances. Cuba will go to Tokyo in 2020 and we want Cubacan to go with them. Our new goal is to have the bats approved and in the hands of the Cuban players when they step up to the plate in 2020.

To accomplish this, we will focus on obtaining some key pieces of equipment along with basic tools that they will use every day. The main items we hope to source are a minimum of two commercial grade HD lathes and at least one HD table saw. These are lathes and the saw that will stand up to the day to day use by the workers.